6 Latest Technologies of 2017

The world is emerging with latest various technologies and I’m sure you are on a stage where you cannot live without a few important technologies in your daily life too. From your toaster to your mobile phone, technology is everywhere and every time.

While we are already surrounded by quite a lot of machines around us, here are a few latest technologies of 2017—

  • Self- Driving Truck – If you’re someone who really isn’t into driving, then there is good news for you. These self-driving trucks are soon going to hit the highways near you where there is no need of a driver.
  • Pay With Your Face – Really? Well, yes! China has invented a technology through which you can pay with your face, get access to a certain facilities and even track down criminals.  Let’s see if the rest of the world will follow or not!
  • Click Selfies in 360 degree – If you are a selfie—geek or a passionate photographer, then these cameras that take spherical images are the best ones for you. A revolution in the world of Photography.
  • The Cell Atlas – Do you ever want to know what you are really made of? Well, the mega-project will soon allow you to know or to discover what our bodies are made of actually.
  • Hot Solar Cell – If you have been complaining about the high electricity bills then there is a breakthrough here. This technology in a new solar device converts heat into focused bema lights. The rates will be much cheaper and there will be continuous power.
  • Reinforcement Learning – Anyway computers have been real smart so far, but now there will be a way when they can do things without even a programmer telling them. Well, that’s scary!

These latest breakthrough technologies will without a doubt change our attitude towards various things. These new technologies will have an effect on our economy, medical science, our politics and even our lifestyle along with our culture.